Tuesday, 20 October 2009

It's just another dinner

As years goes by, dinner is not a missed agenda for every seniors. This is the time where all the seniors gathered around, enjoying food and stuff, watching just a boring and lame performance and last but not least clicking pictures here and there..owhh..pleazze...can't this lame agenda being change? It's sooooo...boring until i decided not to attend it.I appreciate what the juniors have done for us, but i feel the flow is so same all the time..so please if u ask again why i didn't attend that dinner..i just feel going to a place where i'm not belong to..so ISOLATED..

and one more thing, as usual they would announce the best student for male and female which i am not going to win it this time.so..is there a strong and concrete idea to go? Yes..that people will go if he or she knows that he is going to win that night.or even maybe to find their soulmate happily ever after...so drama...!!!!nope...or even lucky draws? not yet another reason..the emptiness in me is not to be filled with yet another so called "SENIORS NIGHT".

The happiness in the night wouldn't promise the happines in your heart.I feel really so not going to such a dinner. At first, i like to go..to be nice..to pick up my housemates,but turn up all of them have transport..so like if you go with that person so you also have to come back with that person.So yet another major reason for not going.

So, this coming thursday i'm going back to seremban..to have a peace and rest on my mind..from all these stress and so whatever called student life!

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