Wednesday, 8 July 2009

"I Love You" and mean it..

It is something interesting talking about love.This morning,my lovely and cute lecturer give a few tips to lead a happy life.Some of the tips capture my attention.

1.When you say "i love you",you mean it.
Of course when i say i love you, i really mean it.If i didn't say it that's mean i'm still thinking..should i be loved?or should he loved me?or i just don't feel to say it because the time is not appropriate..but deep down in my heart i love that person.It's just maybe i don't have the guts to say the 3 magic words..

2.When you say 'i'm sorry"..look into the eyes
i really..really mean it..if i fail to look in the eyes..maybe the apologies is not sincere enough?

3.Love deeply and passionately
i can be so in love in that person at one time but once that person dumped me,i'll dumped him forever from my life.Honesty is the best policy.but can people do it?

4.Believe love at first sight
no comment..

5.Be engaged at least 6 month before married
Couples get through different stages in their relationship.When the engagement starts, couples also will feel the responsibilities.It is different before the engagement.the 6 month period will be able to test on how far the couples could carry the responsibilities to build a family.

6.Married people who you like to converse
this is the most important aspect.Communication between husband and wife can help they build a good family.Because at the end,both husband and wife only has each other to talk to.So,be a good listener,,i wish..

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